To Eleven

Because this one goes to eleven

To Eleven is an Open Source project to make it easy to make apps that allow patients, providers and researchers to create and use simple health data capture apps.

This project grew out of the Academy Health developer contest. It became apparent that several of the contestants were replicating work in order to create apps that measured or streamlined different parts of patients experience.

This project aims to enable healthcare researchers to create apps that handle patient data in a HIPAA and IRB compliant fashion, at a fraction of previous costs. Hopefully, this will enable researchers to conduct research more effectively and to translate validated healthcare research into app-based interventions more easily.

We plan to leverage the capabilities of the JQuery Mobile/Sencha projects to enable the rapid development of HTML5/Javascript apps that compile to iPhone and Android platforms. We will combine this backend systems like the Mirth and Direct in order to facilitate the secure tranmission of private patient data into more traditional clinical and research settings.

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